Full Body Example 8x10

I want to make sure you receive the best painting of your pet as I can, so multiple clear images is a must! I will work with the references I am provided with and come back to you with a rough sketch before the painting process begins. If you have limited pictures of a furry friend that you would like to memorialize please still shoot me an email and we can discuss options! 

Important Questions:
-Do you want just a head/neck portrait or full body portrait?
- What size portrait do you want? I paint on cold press watercolor paper. 
          Size(inch)              Head    Body            
8 x 10                 $75    $90
12 x 12              $100     $120
11 x 15              $125     $160 
- Do you want more than one pet in the portrait? Prices may vary depending on portrait size. Not available in 8x10.
-Contact me to order! You can send me an email at ring.kaitlyn@gmail.com or dm on instagram @kaiteringart. 
-Payment: After discussing any particulars I can give an exact quote. A 50% deposit is required on all commissions with the balance due upon completion. Payments can be made through venmo, zelle, and paypal. 
-Completion: I will send you an e-mail photo of your finished painting for your approval. At that time the balance is due. USPS Priority Mail is used for shipping. Shipping Fees and insurance are expected to be paid by the commissioner. I will notify you the day I ship giving you the tracking number to follow the shipment of your completed portrait. If local to Manhattan, KS I can meet to deliver! 

Head/Neck Example on 8x10

Thank you for visiting my website! If you have any questions or suggestions don't be afraid to reach out! 
All artwork Copyright belongs to Kaitlyn Ring and may not be copied, reproduced, or used for commercial purposes without Written Permission. 
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